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Welcome to Riverside Observer! The creation of a student who wanted to remain connected to his boyhood club, Middlesbrough, when moving away for university. The aim of the blog was to offer in-depth pre- and post-match analysis of every Championship side, covering everything from ownership to manager and players. The blog was also home to international coverage during Euro 2022. *Upcoming* Coverage of the Premier League and beyond. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, please join us here at the Riverside Observer Army by becoming a member for free and following the page on our socials.

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My Story

I have an obsessive passion for football. From a young age I would spend hours with a ball at my feet re-enacting the best skills and moments I had seen on tv. I would, and still do, watch any football I could get my hands on. My dream, like so many, was to play football professionally. I continued to pursue this dream throughout my teenage years, but a downturn in my health would mean that these aspirations would be dashed.


After a few years of difficulties, I was diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma in my right leg. My treatment plan meant an amputation, and my dreams of becoming a professional footballer went with it. I have since looked for other ways to participate in the sport I love. When I first looked at becoming a coach, I side-lined these ideas to go to university. When moving to university I realised that I could merge my degree in English and History, passion for writing and knowledge of football. So Riverside Observer was formed. 


I wanted the blog to be seen as a professional news outlet which reflects the standard of work that I upload. While it needed to reflect the nature of the blog and my relationship to the club. With these in mind, Riverside Observer was curated. Riverside is a direct reference to the home of MFC, Riverside Stadium, in which I was a frequent supporter or observer.


The blog became a space where I could offer my audience an in-depth analysis of every Championship team at the time, they were set to face Middlesbrough. Before concluding each game with a post-match summary focused on the Middlesbrough team itself. These regular offerings did become increasingly infrequent in recent months as my third-year dissertation began to ramp up. While I am looking to my own personal future when my degree ends, I still intend to maintain this page as an outlet. I want this page to go from strength to strength and my plans for the future of the page reflect this.


I intend to diversify the content on this page. While I will continue to upload Middlesbrough based content as I have done before. I want to offer an insight into Premier League and European football. If this sounds like something you would be interested in, please join us at the Riverside Observer Army by becoming a member of the page for free and following our socials.


If you have any propositions or job opportunities please feel free to contact me at:

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